What are Abstracto NFTs?

Abstracto Sol Brings to you all your favourite Punks, Apes, Anime
and, Memes as doodled NFTs. A huge variety of cute to cool PFPs
and collectibles will be available at our gallery.

Where Abstracto Sol will be launched?

We are planning to launch it on Solsea.io Keeping in mind the kind
of traction it has been receiving lately.

When Abstracto Sol will be launched?

Abstracto Sol will be launched on 21/09/2021 at 12PM UTC

How many categories does Abstracto
Sol have?

There are 8 categories at the moment:

    1. Random Abstracto
    2. Animal Abstracto
    3. Food Abstracto
    4. Abstracto Punks
    5. Abstracto Apes
    6. Abstracto Anime
    7. Abstracto Memes
    8. Abstracto Mythological

Will there be any royalties?

5% royalties will be applied to all resales.


1. Abstracto Head

2. Abstracto Devil

3. Abstracto Angel